Soft holds and calendars

So here is a suggestion for film studio rentals. Traditionally we have done soft holds for clients. So say somebody contacts us and says “Is Thursday next week open? Can you put a soft hold on it?” And we would do that meaning they get first right of refusal when someone else calls about the same date. We check with them first before we give it to the next in line. On PS you have two issues with this traditional set up. One is Instant book where any open time can be booked instantly without checking with the host. The other is if you block the day to save it for the hold then anyone viewing your PS availability assumes the day is booked already. It would be nice to have a soft hold function on the calendar that allows guest to ask if they can have a day that has a soft hold on it. That way we can check with the other client to see if they want to commit or not. I think it would lead to more bookings and fuller calendars for everyone.


Yes I fully agree. I have commented previously on the calendar function. While I think it’s a good idea it may not work for everyone. In my case where I need several calendars that are not linked I just keep the instant booking function off as I may have it booked on a different calendar. For those solely using the peerspace calendar however it’s a great option like AirBnB. Perhaps if this could eventually link in to a shared Google calendar but that technically might be challenging.


Take it one step further. Automate the soft hold.

If ABC Productions has a soft hold on your venue, then DEF Productions can make a booking anyway and ABC has three hours to pay up or lose the booking.


Hi Dov!

I completely agree! 3 hours is enough for one to finalize everything with their group!


Agree with @Oktay_O … for this very same reason we don’t link our calendar to the platform and we don’t use Instant Booking. It doesn’t work with us. We are constantly placing first and second holds.


I personally don’t offer soft holds, as they’re tough to keep track of. I keep my calendar synced with Peerspace so that things don’t get fouled up, so what I tell prospective renters is that I have automatic bookings on and while I would love to have them, I can’t block off a date without an official booking.

Often, that acts as enough of a stimulus to get them booking and if not, it keeps us free for the next opportunity!

I completely agree but when they have over 10 people it is difficult to get talent on the same program. I also have a business where we require to rent locations and the most difficult is the talent.