Is there an "On Vacation" Button?

Hi Peerspacers:
I’ve just signed up our working ranch/vineyards/gardens for print/video/commercial shoots or short film shoots with a small number of crew/talent. Since we are a working facility, it’d be great to have an “Active” or “Inactive” button like Amazon stores do. Is there one here on Peerspace? It would be so helpful with times that our property is not available for whatever reason. How does one take a break from renting? My first rental is located at We are excited to explore the possibilities. Thanks for your responses and suggestions. Success to everyone.

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There is probably a better way to do it but I would block out the calendar the dates you are looking to block Go to the calendar section and you will see a block time button. If you can not find it let me know.

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Hi Eli
Thanks so much for this info. I didn’t know how the calendar worked.

Also, how does instant booking work, please? Am trying to understand the system.

Appreciate all the help.

My best,
Cynthia Brian, SAG-AFTRA/ASID


Instant booking is for the client to automatically book your location based on your calendar, if you are on multiple apps block out your time quickly. Immediately after you book ask all of your questions to make sure you guys are a good fit.
Anytime let me know how I can help.

Thanks Eli!

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