New Calendar Feature: Operating Hours

Hi hosts! We’re excited to launch operating hours, our newest calendar feature. We built operating hours in response to host feedback about wanting to set general availability and avoid inquiries/requests when a space is not available for bookings such as nights or weekends. To set your operating hours, visit your calendar page on the Peerspace desktop or mobile-web application. More information about operating hours can be found here.

I encourage hosts to set their general availability using this operating hours feature and then sync an external calendar in order to make sure your calendars are always up to date. Our data shows that hosts that keep their calendars up to date account for over 60% of bookings on Peerspace. More calendar resources can be found here

As always, we appreciate your feedback on new feature releases! Best,



I love this new feature! In the past, I have caught myself getting caught up in the excitement of a booking and realized later than they wanted me to extend the 11pm end time to 2am. Now that they don’t have the option to choose 2am, I can relax a bit more :smile: Thank you Peerspace!

Hi @Courtney_Z, thank you for helping us discover a software bug. I’m glad you’re all set and enjoying the feature!

I find this feature very inconvenient as well as the notice that I will be punished for not using it. As a private space I do not have ordinary operating hours. And while I might have some preferences, I certainly would not want to miss out on a booking because it fell just an hour outside my preferences, thus scaring off a potential rental. I’d much prefer to determine this on a case by case basis. For this reason I decided to leave the hours as-is, ie. 24/7, because I am open to that. I’m questioning whether your analytics will allow for that, or if my search rank will be affected. Thank you.

Hi Maria, thanks for sharing this feedback. For host such as yourself, we have a 24 hours option available as well.Give this a try, you shouldn’t have any issues regarding visibility but note that operation hours was designed to give guest accurate times that your space is available to cut down on the amount of booking inquiries you receive that are not a fit for your space. Guest can still message you and if the time falls outside of your operating hours you can send them a custom booking if you want to host that guest. 10%20PM

I understand, and i have it set to 24 hours right now, but what is the difference between being available 24/7 and looking as though I haven’t actively chosen that setting; since you’re going to penalize people that don’t use the setting according to your most recent email reminder. I’m not sure I understand. Isnt it automatically set to 24/7? So if I leave it there, doesn’t it appear that i haven’t changed the settings? You’re saying that won’t affect my search rank? Thanks again for explaining.

Hi @MARIA_Y, thanks for the feedback. If you are indeed open to bookings anytime of day/week then you can leave the setting as 24/7. You will not be penalized for that. When you do have times that will be unavailable for bookings I encourage you to mark them as such using the block time or calendar sync features. Best,

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The Operating Hours feature is great, but it seems to apply globally to a space, and cannot be set individually for each listing in Production, Off-Site, and Events. Of primary interest for me is limiting the reduced-rate Off-Site rentals to 6pm. If it is in the evening, for me it is an Event.

Hi @Brad_B thanks for the feedback. All calendar features are at the space level (not individual listing), but when we tackle new pricing features those will be customizable for each listing type. Best, Rony

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