Can I ad a "Time " Buffer between bookings

I had a recent booking that went over, usually this is not a problem except this time I had someone booked right after. I was able to push the second booking back an hour- but the first people were still not finished. Is there a way in Peerspace to automatically ad a time buffer of 1/2 or an hour between bookings to allow for this type of situation also for cleaning. This is why I will never do Instant Booking.

It just requires setting very good boundaries with guests. I pretty much gave up trying to remember to block off half hour buffers between bookings and it’s worked out pretty good so far.

When the guests arrive, confirm their end time and explain that you have another group coming in right after them and so you won’t be able to offer overtime.

Let them know right up front that you’re going to send a half hour notice and a fifteen minute notice (for me, it all depends on how many people and how much equipment I see. I’m always pretty spot on when it comes to calculating load out time).

Fair warning, I’ve had a few people act annoyed when I tell them to wrap and more than once people have tried to keep shooting and I announce “no, I am wrapping you right now”.

I sterilize my space (which takes me exactly six minutes to do in a hurry) while the group is loading out.

These are special times and people need to just work together to keep everyone safe and happy.

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@Deacon_T Well written.

I confirm with them when they get in and text them 15 mins before with a friendly reminder :slight_smile:

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Just had one the other day that would have gone well over their time if we hadn’t stepped in.

I know the time that it takes to clean my space and, as a photographer of more than two decades, I know exactly how long it takes to load out, based on the amount of gear.

I had a group here with a semi rookie photographer who just had gear everywhere. People were left plates of food on the counters, clothes everywhere, etc.

People began moving furniture around without taking reference shots, I had to stop them from sitting on an antique credenza, the photographer shoved a $300+ coffee table out of the way with his foot, just real rookie shooter stuff.

So I give guests a heads up well in advance, advising them to have someone start picking up the main area when they switched rooms. Totally ignored.

I came out 2 or 3 times to let them know to start their wrap and they kept shooting, so I called in my fiancee because I needed her help to clean in order to get these people out in time.

We literally had to force them to wrap and start cleaning up THEIR mess, which I felt was degrading. As hosts, I find it disrespectful for people to come in my clean home, make a mess and then I have to clean up for them like a maid.

During COVID, this presents a severe health hazard as well.

We just barely got them out in time and I left her a two star review.

She actually messaged me to tell me how shocked and disappointed she was with my review and I explained my position in a very polite but firm manner.

Peerspace is REALLY good about removing unfair reviews, but the problem is that it’s not guaranteed.

I honestly want to walk out and TELL people “start cleaning now” instead of feeling like I’m begging them in the hopes that they don’t leave an ugly review later.

For this reason, the star review system sometimes creates a feeling of frustration, as I feel that my authority as a homeowner is vastly reduced.

I have to get people out on time and I have to get firm often, but sooner or later that’s going to backfire on me.