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Been seeing a lot of questions around site visits with guests. We do allow hosts and guests to schedule site visits before booking a space, but currently this cannot be done through the product (although it may be available at some point in the near future).

For our more experienced hosts - what is your process for scheduling & coordinating a site visit?

And newer hosts - what other questions do you have about site visits in general?


We always tell inquiries that they are welcome to visit the space. When they request a visit, we ask for full name, cell # and email address, then enter them into Full Slate, a scheduling program we use for our own photo sessions, but also for site visits and rentals. During the week I am usually there working anyway, and I live a half mile from the studio so it’s easy to meet someone there on off hours. Visits don’t generally take too long, and it is a chance to start a connection that makes them feel good about booking the space.

People generally feel the space is bigger in person, so I have to figure out how to capture that more clearly.


We use Calendly for scheduling appointments like tours in our space - it works well because we set times that are available for us and they book one that works for them. No endless back and forth on scheduling a time.


We encourage people to visit before they book–sometimes what looks like it will work for them on the site proves not to work in person, and I’d rather the client be happy elsewhere than uphappy here. As we’re open Tuesday - Saturday from 10-4 (and at the museum for an hour before and after that) it’s usually not difficult to schedule (although since I live in San Francisco I have occasionally come in to show someone around on a Sunday or Monday).

As Brad notes, it’s also a chance to form a connection with the potential renter, which is helpful across a number of dimensions.


We also encourage site visits with potential Guests. We point out all the amenities and subtle features, equipment, time-saving solutions, and ‘Add-Ons’ services. This helps to eliminate surprises and provides Guests with a better event experience.

Usually, if the client is visiting our venue for the first time on the day of the event, they are rushed, late or distracted. Having a proper introduction and relaxed conversation days or weeks before the event provides time for both sides to discuss details, review the planned activities and convey expectations.

We offer the Guest a number of 30-mins. times slots to choose from and try to schedule tours ganged together when possible. This conveys upfront that we are only providing 30-mins. for their tour and that we have other business activities and tours happening before or after. If someone flakes on a scheduled tour, this is always a good indicator of how their booking might go. We have no problem turning down rental requests when it just doesn’t feel right.

Guests who tour our venue are more likely to book.


I dig what everyone is saying about making a connection, etc, but it’s just not always feasible. Our main issue is that we have a lot of other things going on and if I can send them a link to book a time, that would be spectacular.

I’m in the process of integrating calendly this week actually, so your timing is fantastic!


We love doing site visits and highly encourage them. Great notes by everyone about it creating a sense on connection, comfortness, fimiliarity with the space, location, and so on.

We’ve had potential guests in the past cancel site visits last minute and we will reschedule with them. We like to encourage guests to read the listing so they have all the info they need when they arrive such as directions, code access, contact info, parking, etc; however, this is not possible for site visits as this information is only present after a booking.

Any suggestions?


Are you allowed to link out to Calendly from the peerspace platform?


Yes - we have linked to calendly in the platform with no issues.

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