Selecting more specific listing categories


I have two booking categories right now, “Event” and “Production”, for each of my 3 spaces. However, I need to get much more specific in my category selection, and I can’t see where to do that. For instance, “Performance” is fine, but “Party” is not, and I’ve been getting a lot of “party” requests that I have to deny. Is there a way to select my subcategories as well as my main categories? Thanks!


I’d be interested in the same. Maybe a series of checkboxes with activities, like “live music”, “dancing”, “corporate event”, etc.

Likewise, the ‘off site’ category gets abused a bit.

We used to have a lower rate for ‘off site’ meetings, but we found so many people were trying to book various events as ‘off site’ that we had to raise the rate to match that of event bookings.


Agreed, a lot of party inquiries through our Off-Site listing which features a lower rate for easy, weekday daytime bookings.