How do I make my space available to more people?

When I created my listing, I originally only added “production” as the sole use of my space but I’d like to add team building and office parties and maybe something else too. How do i change it from just production and add more uses?

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Hi Donald, you basically create new listings under Events and Off-Site for the same space. Customize the language and photos as much as you can to focus on the needs of each category. You can also vary the pricing and included amenities.

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Hi Donald, you can add more listings by clicking the tab at the top called “Listings”, then click “Add Listing” on the Production and Offsite rows of your space.

Once you’ve created 3 listings, make sure to click “Edit” on each row and customize them for each type of event. For example: you can customize the title as well as pick the best photo to use for your party listing and for your meeting listing. The more you tailor each listing, the better chance they will have of being booked.