Multiple Categories in One listing


Currently I’ve listed my space under the category of Meetings. However, I’d also like guests to be available to find my space for other Popular Activities…such as Corporate Events, Retreats, Workshops, Networking, etc.

Is there a different Category under which I should list?
How do i create a listing that will highlight my site for multiple corporate activities?

Thank you,


Hey Christina,

What a cool spot! You’ve done a fabulous job setting your listings up. There are a few ways you can increase your visibility in search results for corporate activities like this:

  • Update your listing title and/or content with one-two relevant keywords, such as your space type (e.g. loft), notable features (e.g. exposed brick), or the activities you’re interested in hosting (e.g. retreats). These details reflect specific elements guests may be searching for and can help improve the matching process in search results.

  • Create an Event listing by navigating to your Listings tab and clicking the blue “Add a Listing” button. This will give your space greater visibility to guests looking to host social gatherings, such as networking events and happy hours.

This forum discussion gives some great tips on merchandising your listings if you’re interested in exploring further: How do you get more meeting and corporate off-site bookings?

I hope this helps!


Hi everyone. I just joined! Can I list my property as two different EVENTS?
Thanks - Anne


Hi Anne,

I had the chance to check out your listing - what a beautiful spot! This is a great question and one that can be a bit tricky at first. To create a second Event listing for the same space/address, you’ll need to add a new space.

This will allow you to maximize your visibility while presenting straightforward pricing for guests who only need to rent a portion of your space. Here’s an example of how a host has successfully done this.

I hope this helps - feel free to let me know if you need anything else!