How Many Use Types?

Exactly how many “use types” are there. I have production, offsite, and event pending. But are there more? And do I have to make several listings for the same one space?


Hi Kenya, there are only those three types. I suggest you create a listing for each type that you provide since there are usually different rules and conditions for each category.

For example, I charge more for events because this type takes more effort with clean up and it’s more liable for things to get damaged. I charge less for productions because its usually a crew of less than 10 professionals that are in and out on schedule.

I also have different pictures for each listing to showcase what that type would most likely want to see. For example, for production listing I have photos of natural light and the bare room. For off-sites, I have photos of the room set up theater style with a podium.

Hope this helps!


This helps tremendously! Thank you so much!!!