Power Host demotion for the old school hosts

Sorry I just need to vent here after today’s email from Peerspace with my “Power Host demotion” because of not fullfiling the bookings quota that are no longer coming my way because the visibility has changed for exsisting hosts and shifted to new listings and wondering if others are feeling this shift as well?
We have over 50 five star reviews and now we get no inquiries, Chapter leaders… thanks for advance for your help with my listing…my listing is not the problem the over saturation is.
Hi Peerspace
Just need to vent, after receiving my Power Host demotion. Feeling like it’s very unfair for you to remove my kick ass host status. I understand the benchmarks needed to achieve this, but it’s so obvious that my listing exposure has dramatically changed at the begining of the year along with others (take a peek at the fourm if your in the dark about the earlier hosts onboard like me not getting any visibility because of the oversaturation that the platform allows…[why?]) we went from inquiries every week to literally nothing. How dare you strip this away from me as I had worked so hard to make the best of every booking that came our way when we had them. Not sure how others feel, but coming in at the beginning of a great thing and then getting pushed aside because of growth and greed is hard to swallow and pretty upsetting.


Hi Jennifer,

I feel your pain our business has gone down as well but you have to look at the full year. Last year this time were you slow? I was much lower in March this year than last, but my June is better this year. I do not want to take away from your message as I agree but maybe add additional rental items to your studio so you stand out.

I would reach out to the Peerspace team so they can shine some light on your account personally.

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Eli, I’m sure sure if we should put the spotlight and onus on the hosts for this issue considering the problem is so widespread and frequenly documented. It mught be best if Peerspace stepped up to the podium to tell us what’s going on behind the scenes. As hosts we are completely left in the dark. We don’t have something as simple as a hit counter on our profile page so there’s absolutely know way for Jennifer or any of us to see if there is in fact a dip in traffic or if we actually are getting the same amount of traffic to our page (and search results) yet we are not converting due to our offering or competition.

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I really like the idea of a hit counter and know how many people are viewing our venues.

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Thanks Eli, its been since Jan/Feb that the listings had dropped off. So we are going into 7 months with only 2 bookings, nothing in comparison to the years prior. Not sure what the solution is to please every host that offers listings as everyone deserves to book. But we literally have nothing now.

That is a great start to tracking visability! And your right, we are totally in the dark as I have reached out to Peerspace and they can only give me a standard answer about my listing presentation and not any details on this (off) switch in inquiries that has occured for manybof us. Just too much to choose from in the bigger cities for guests I suppose?