Peerspace Customer Service

Hello Peerspace hosts,
Have any of you had to contact Peerspace Customer Service? I have twice - once to ask how I can get a printout of the invoice before the event so I can see my pending payout and the Peerspace fee, and for another problem with the embedded code that would like Peerspace to my website - their embedded code links to a customer review and not my home page. Both times a get a nice message saying they received my inquiry, ask for more information (which I send), and then nothing. Oh - I get a request to review their customer service as good or bad, but I am blocked from submitting a response because it says the issue was resolved and the ticket is closed
Anybody else??

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Hi @Elizabeth_K,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I was able to locate the two cases that you have pending with the customer experience team. It appears that the cases are still ongoing and the agent that was helping you is checking with our product team to provide you with the best response for the issue you had. Tickets that we receive auto solve after 72 hours but our agents have reminders set up so that they follow up once they receive updates regarding any technical issues a host or guest has reported as these cases take much longer than our average cases that are usually solved in one email. I’m sorry to hear that this may have made you feel that you were being left in the dark, this was certainly not the intention here and we want to ensure that we take great care with handling any issues that arise for the entire Peerspace community.


I’ve had little activity, but I am a very successful Airbnb Plus host, and I can’t hep but compare the two. Airbnb SENDS photographers gratis, is on call 24/7, has a robust insurance policy if stuff is damaged, and even gives us freebee stays in appreciation. Yet they both collect exactly the same 15%. I understand the concept of critical mass, but really, Peerspace seems a ripoff, for what they actually offer besides the exposure.

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PLUS they handle all bookkeeping, and advise on tax strategy!

I’ve been on the platform for a while and I’ve noticed that as Peerspace expands, their customer service is spotty, and sometimes just trails off and leave you hanging. My suggestion for them would be to invest in their infrastructure first so that it can handle the volume. Right now, it cannot so it seems.


I’ve had to contact Peerspace Customer Service twice, and have found both experiences to be a little disheartening.

Both times were dealing with an issue with a guest, which required a call to customer service to sort things out.

One of the greatest assurances of being a host of Peerspace and offering up spaces where some of us also reside is that we are insured against damages from guests. I personally viewed both customer service experiences as opportunities to be reassured that this is in fact the case, so we can move forward with rentals with peace of mind. I was left a bit underwhelmed.



Thanks for the feedback everyone. We apologize if it’s taken us a little bit longer than usual to get back to you lately. Our goal is to field your requests and resolve them as efficiently as we can.

About 80% of inquiries can be resolved quickly but there are some that require us to contact other teams and launch a deeper investigation. Unfortunately this can sometimes take a little bit longer than we’d all like. That being said, if you receive an email that your ticket is closed when in fact no response has been made from Peerspace, it means the ticket status was likely incorrectly updated on our end, and we’re sorry for any confusion that may cause. We’ll work carefully to prevent that from happening in the future.

At this time our phones and live chat are on M-F 8am-6pm PST. We have weekend email support coverage from 9am-6pm on Saturday and Sunday. If you call and leave a voicemail during the weekend, we will receive it. Any communications sent during the hours we’re not active will be fielded the following morning. We’re actively adding more agents to the team and hope to expand these hours and include weekend phone and live chat support in the near future.

We’re here to help so please feel free to reach out to the Customer Experience team anytime!