New Years Eve Pricing

I asked this back in March/April and am now struggling with multiple people inquiring for a Tuesday - NYE - at my reduced weekday rate and not reading the body of the description of the listing where I stated that NYE is 2x’s the hourly rate. I have had three inquiries balk at the premium rate and not follow through because they spent time using the drop down calculator and saw a price that they were comfortable with. I thought about putting it in Add-Ons but I don’t think that will work either because people skip that if they don’t want any “Add-Ons”.
This is additional feedback on this topic.

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Hi Diana, it is definitely frustrating that people don’t read. I host a lot of parties, but I have not hosted NYE yet. I get inquiries but typically pass, as there is plenty of potential for problems. It’s one night where the amateurs love to over-consume, and I don’t need that. And I like to have people out of the space by midnight to help ensure they don’t disturb my neighbors.

I especially would not book anyone at a low rate, as any group of knuckleheads can scape together a few hundred dollars to cut loose in somebody else’s space. But even at a premium fee you can get troublemakers, so as always, it’s all about getting a feel for the people and figuring out if you can trust them to behave.

One option would be to put your note about the NYE rate at the very beginning of your listing description. And instead of saying 2x, state the actual dollar amount. Something like:

NOTE: The New Year’s Eve rental rate is $250 per hour, with a 5-hour minimum.

Naturally, insert the values that work for you, and good luck!

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Thanks Brad, I’m in a part of town that is “party central” so I am open on NYE either way. Private parties are usually the way to go for me because the general public is a total mess and I can’t close because it’s my top income generator for the year.

I put my NYE info at the top in CAPS hoping it would work but even people who have used Peerspace regularly, like the guy I just had a meeting with, rely on the drop down calculations for their information. And then when I clarify I get rejections. I don’t want to get stuck with having to open to the public again and this is where this is headed because everyone is making their decisions this weekend.

I’m pretty frustrated that Peerspace hasn’t been able to adjust this and not sure it’s the right platform for me because now I have people inquiring and receiving different information than I would have given them directly. And if I block that night out so I can field inquiries internally, anyone who is familiar with the platform is going to assume I’m already booked. I’m also going to lose anyone doing a basic Google search for event spaces because they may be directed to Peerspace and they may not bother to email me.

I was scolded in the community for having “low rates” and undercutting the process but I charge what I charge on Tuesdays. It’s fairly standard for a Tuesday here. I’m not going to make all my Tuesdays the premium NYE rate to avoid this because then I’ll lose my Tuesday possibilities too.

I’m really at a loss and this is creating a lot of confusion that I was hoping someone would address. I presume the same thing is going to happen next year or any year NYE falls on a weeknight. I’m probably in the minority here. I’d love to hear other people’s input who are in a similar situation.


That is frustrating Diana. It is interesting how we each have such varied spaces in unique circumstances. Would you mind sharing the link to your listing here?

It has been such a help that Peerspace has added the ability to adjust fees automatically by day, time of day, and number of attendees. If more people can weigh in and stress its importance, hopefully Peerspace can make holiday pricing a priority (holidays, or any user-specified premium date).