Increased Rates for Premium Dates


Is there a way to increase rates for premier dates like NYE?


Hi Laura,

Not that I know of, but I like that idea. You might consider putting something in your profile noting that certain dates are offered at a premium rate.


I would just tell inquiries for that date that you can send them a custom booking price of you want to increase the rate. I’ve personally found a good amount of success though not changing my rates for different days. Keeps me comfortable with the discussion of price, removes debate from the clients as they know I don’t negotiate with anyone and is helping me build up the review base so I can universally up the pricing for everyone in the following year without decreasing my number of yearly clinets/bookings. Just a thought.


Hi. What is it that you rent out?


I added a “Holiday Rate” but have not charged it. Actually, I think I just pulled it from my listing.


I rent out a kitchen/event space. I just received a couple of inquires for a reduced rate for Xmas Eve and NYE. I kindly declined these requests and realized I probably should be charging a premium rate not a reduced rate.


I agree. Most industries do charge more on holidays…
I could see having a premium rate. If no bookings then last minute offering a reduced rate.