Different Rates for High Demand Days


Peerspace should allow hosts to charge different rental rates for different days. This is a standard practice in the hosting industry - hotels and events spaces do this already.

Weekends are in high demand and should be charged accordingly. There are only 52 Saturdays in a year and most want to have their event on Saturday. This holds true for holidays as well. Hosts should be able to charge a premium for high demand days.

I’ve priced my space fairly and don’t want to overcharge my guests for weekday events. But feel it makes business sense to charge more on weekends.

Any clue as to when this function will be added to Peerspace platform?


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Hi @Laura_Y, I love this idea and it is a common request we’ve received from hosts. Calendar based pricing is on our roadmap and we are planning to tackle it in the near future. Thanks for posting! Best, Rony



This is another great feature request. It feels like Peerspace is in the chasm of minimum viable software product (It works. You can book a place and get paid) and minimum viable product for it’s hosts (It works but doesn’t quite meet the current market of hosts where they are used to operating a far as booking and billing.

Is there a changelog of the Peerspace platform? I hear “roadmap” a lot but it’s unclear when and which features are being rolled out. With $35MM in VC money it would seem that there would be a solid dev team in place. Can you share the roadmap with us? Is the dev team on a CI cycle or is there some giant waterfall delivery in the hopper?

Your CEO whom I’ve tweeted and your answers seem very reactive, [feature request or complaint] “We’re working on it!” That’s great but you can’t be working on everything at the same time. What can we look forward to in the first quarter of 2019? Can you tell us what the development priorities are?

I understand building things is hard. Just hoping to get more detailed information.


Hi there, Yes . . . I completely agree! I charge different rates in the evenings and on weekends, so it is always hard to tell them that it is a different price than what is shown. Sometimes it is easy to miss that the price listed to them is not the correct one. I also have different rates for photoshoots, parties, and corporate meetings which makes it even more complicated.
Cheers ~ Rocky