My listing keeps getting reject with no explanation

Anyone know where to go to find out why my listing keeps getting rejected? I submit the listing and I get a response -

Updates Required

The Peerspace team has requested some changes before setting your listings live. Please make the updates and resubmit your space for review.

But it doesn’t say what the changes are anywhere. I edited my payment tab because I thought that was the problem, resubmitted and got the same message back.

I get an e-mail with each rejection that asks ‘How did you like our customer service?’ So I replied to that and asked what the problem is only to get no reply and get another survey sent on the next rejection.

I can’t fix what needs to get fixed if no one tells me what the problem is. Anyone know where to go to get answers? I can’t find anyway to contact the help department here.


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Same problem here! I can’t reach their help department.

Hi Noemi. Check your junk mail and do a search for e-mails from I was getting e-mails sent to me but they were not from like the surveys are. They were from the person’s and they kept going to junk mail. The subject line also didn’t mentioned Peerspace, it just said ‘update needed to your listing’. So I was looking for the support e-mail address or any ‘Peerspace’ subjects and I wasn’t finding anything.

The inbox here on the site also does not get the communications which I think is a bit odd so after searching and finding nothing and not seeing any messages here, I thought I was being ignored. But they were indeed replying, just from an unexpected address. So check your spam and junk folders.

My issue was I did not have a personal picture as my avatar on my profile lol. It was a picture from my studio. Once I got that up, I was approved and am now live.