Is there still an option for “all-inclusive” parties where it’s a flat fee that includes catering and drinks?

I haven’t looked in a while but I noticed some venues would provide a price for an “open bar” for x number of guests that includes everything. Can I still have hourly rentals or is this even possible anymore?

Hi Diana,

Good eye!

Now that the add-ons feature allows you to offer food and drinks as packages at checkout, F&B pricing has been discontinued on Peerspace.

In short, this means that your hourly rate will no longer include a food and drink tab. Instead, you’ll need to create F&B packages as add-ons in your inventory. More instructions on this can be found here.

Happy to answer any other questions you might have!


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Thanks for the reply, Grace. I will look into it. I don’t know why but I didn’t get any indication that you had replied back in October until just now.

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