Improvement suggestions for Production FAQ section

It would be beneficial if these questions were more than just YES/NO and allowed us to add a description with further notes.

Can the exterior of the building be filmed or photographed?

My answer is Yes, but as it’s my home in a residential neighborhood I have much more specific parameters for filming out front vs filming in the back.

Can smoke machines be used?

My answer is Yes, but only in the backyard, not inside. I’m sure there’s plenty of other listings that have a similar circumstance of it being allowed in some areas and not others.

Do you allow nudity?

My answer is Yes, but not for pornography. I’ll allow sex scenes and nudity for non pornographic films depending on the script but also depending on where it’s going to take place and whether or not it involves my furniture.

It would be awesome if the FAQ section would give us the opportunity to further expand upon these questions because I feel like for many hosts they are probably not as simple as Yes or No.


Hey Chris. Daniel from Peerspace here. We went back and forth on how much detail to allow for each of the questions. These three in particular seemed like straight forward yes/no questions but I guess we were wrong about that! I’ll add a note on our end.

Thanks for the feedback! Greatly appreciated.


Right on. Thanks for the quick response, @Daniel_W!

Good points, agree! I figured my yes/no would still need to be a discussion per job…

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