How do I remove 4+ hour discount

I have an inquiry asking me to reduce my weekend rate to the weekday rate and then to add the 4+ hour discount. I’m willing to give her the weekday rate, but not the extra discount. I’m finding that when I try to create a custom offer, I can adjust pretty much everything else, but I can’t remove the discount. Open to any and all suggestions. Thanks in advance.


While I’m not sure how to fix that,
My personal thoughts and experience as both a peerspace host and as a business owner is that when clients ask for discounts, they often (not always) end up being bad clients to have.

A good client usually understands and accepts that your rates are based on your overhead, cost of living and standard of living and they respect that.


I wasn’t going to chime in but I agree with Deacon 100%. Why give someone you don’t know a discount? How did they earn it? Just because they asked? The people who right off ask for a discount, I decline booking. They either will book me at normal rate or they don’t book at all ( they have no reviews afterwards). These people waste your time ( they ask to speak to you on the phone, email off of Peerspace, do a scouting visit and try to book off of Peerspace).


Hey Tiwana, welcome to the forum! I couldn’t agree with Deacon and Sharon more. It’s been my experience that you teach guests how to treat you and your space, and that all starts with the initial correspondence. More often than not, when a guest asks for discounts, favors, exceptions to your rules, or other such contingencies, it is a huge red flag. As Deacon and Sharon both explained, this usually ends poorly the day of. Guests like this tend to follow the “give them an inch, they take a mile” universal law, so you will likely have a mess on your hands in some way, shape or form. Not to mention the fact that you got less than what you deserved to begin with.

You, your space, your time and your business as a whole are valuable, and it is up to you to dictate that. Not only that, but you run a business, not a charity or non-profit. Do what you feel is best for your business, but instead of removing the discount, I’d remove the guest if it were me. :wink:

Happy hosting!


Hi everyone.

Everyone is correct but keep in mind this is your location and you set the ground rules. If want to give them an additional discount you can but let them know this is it. You will not able to do more. Sometimes being firm with them allows them to understand where you draw the line. Good luck.

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