HELP! My listing is unsearchable

Search for photo studio or photoshoot in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. and you will get everyone but me.
26 spaces to rent will pop up but not mine. There is even a space 2 blocks away that shows up.

My listing is:

Reach out to Peerspace at Not sure why but they will let you know.

Hi @Patrick_V,

Thank you for reaching out. I took a look at the search and was able to find your space on the first page.

When you are searching are you signed into your host account? Happy to look into this further!

For any troubleshooting or tech questions feel free to drop us a note at


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Thank you Lawrence, as always appreciate your help!

Yeah I sometime have the same issue with my space. I would suggest being more specific about your space, take good pictures of the space, and maybe create an off line post. Hope this help.