Can't find my listing

I found it odd that I stopped receiving inquires for my space recently. I just performed a search and what do you know…it’s not listed. Anyone experiencing this?

SO glad I saw this bc I was experiencing the same thing! I looked and cannot find my listing either!? I wonder if the remove them after a point? Geez I gotta look into this too… thank u!

@Mitch_S @La_Tonya_M send me your zipcodes and a picture of your lisiting.

How are you searching for your listing ( and can’t find it)?
It’s rather difficult to find mine and renters have dug deep to find it. It shouldn’t be that way. It should be easy, after all if I don’t get a booking neither does Peerspace.
I used to get a lot of inquiries for parties because they searched just the geographical area ( I no longer have an event/ party listing).

It would really help both renters and rentees alike if Peerspace would institute a more targeted search engine that also looked for key words amongst other criterion.

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