Handling Cancellations

How do you handle cancellations when someone who books writes you and asks for a full refund even though the guidelines say that they are only due 50% or 75% back? I’ve had this happen a number of times where I just caved and refunded them out of a sense of guilt or trying to do a good deed but I’m a bit annoyed at being put in this position. Thoughts? How do you handle?


Wow, that’s really frustrating. I have only had one cancellation, and the guest did not contact me directly. I received an email from Peerspace that they were canceling, and I was busy at the moment so I didn’t look at it that closely. When I looked again I saw that I had the option of determining the refund amount. It was close to the event so they only got 25% back. If they had contacted me directly I likely would have had given them more, but that’s where I really value having Peerspace as a middleman.

Can you see any pattern to the guests who cancel?


I think it depends on the situation. I’ve had two cancellations, both used instabook. The first cancelled a couple of weeks later and only a few days prior to the event so we got the 75% payout. The customer didn’t ask for any additional refunds, which was nice since we turned away other events requesting that date/time.

The 2nd one didn’t read carefully and booked before realizing the location and cancelled 10 minutes later. It was within 72 hours of the event so we were authorized to receive a payout but since it was only 10 minutes between booking and cancellation, I gave them 100% refund. I wasn’t out anything and didn’t see the sense in charging them for a small mistake.


Thanks for the reply, Brad! I appreciate it. I don’t see any pattern, really. But most everyone asks for a full refund so I just give it to them which I do to avoid ill will…

Very helpful! Thanks, Courtney!

We abide by the standard Peerspace policy and keep the amount due to us according to that policy. We shouldn’t lose revenue because a guest planned poorly or had something come up last minute.

However, Peerspace terms give it unilateral discretion to issue a full refund (host gets $0) if Peerspace determines it was an Excused Cancellation. I’m not sure the burden of proof that a guest needs to provide in order to qualify but we just had a VERY iffy cancellation that was approved as an Excused Cancellation even though all the messages we had with the guest indicated she just wanted change her booking to a different date and cancelled when we could not accommodate. As a result, we no longer feel protected by Peerspace’s cancellation policy as it feels easy for a guest to exploit the Excused Cancellation clause.

Has anyone else had an issue similar?

By the way, where can we find the standard Peerspace policy? I’ve just had someone ask about a cancellation fee, and I’m not sure what it is.

Here ya go @Melynda_N!

Cancellation Policy

I just had a confirmed booking show up at my location and within 15 minutes “pivot” production and cancel usage. Will I be paid full amount or a cancelation amount?