What has been your experience with cancellations during Covid?

I am new to Peerspace and on my first booking which is for Dec 12, the person wants to postpone/maybe cancel the event. It is a kids party and guests are cancelling because of Covid. We are probably going to rent the space permanently after January 15th, so I told her I could be flexible until then.
Our policy is a standard 30 days, so technically the guest would loose 50% of the deposit. I want to be flexible but I don’t know what to do, the guest is very demanding. I agreed to accepting a 4 hour booking, when my minimum was 5 hours, and also having vendors come the day before to deliver the tables…
Can you please tell me about your experience, your thought on this?
Thanks for the support,

Hi Natalia,
Yes that is a drag. Something most people on this site can well relate to. In almost every standard cancellation situation I feel that the client should at least bear part of the financial fallout but in the case of the pandemic I have decided of offer to reschedule or refund the full amount for any clients who can’t complete their booking due to any covid related issues. The financial hit has been rough but it felt like the right thing to do and I’m sleeping fine at night.
Best of luck with whatever decision you make!

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Hello Natalia,

Just my opinion as a Host. Keep tabs on the guidelines in your particular City. If your City is in shut down, stay at home orders or you have limits on gatherings, then it’s in your best interest as well to cancel. You don’t want to be in the position of having to cancel on them later. It’s a small booking. You can contact Peerspace and let them know the renter wants to cancel due to Covid concerns and that you approve the full refund. I have done this my self and my reason is we are all in this together. Families want to do something nice for their kids and coordinating a party is stressful even in non Covid times. I have felt the 50% that I could keep is not worth the risk to reputation, review or disgruntled customer in these unusual times.

Best wishes

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Hi Natalia -

I would echo what the others have said. It’s a challenging and dangerous time to balance and navigate. Safety for all is always my first concern.

I recently had a client pull out 24 hours before the booking, when my policy is 48 hours notice. It was annoying, but I did so looking at the bigger picture and agreed to a full refund.

The client then told me the reason for cancellation was a few of her models tested positive for Covid. So in essence, we were luckily spared of a situation that could have blown up in our face.

The upside is once they have all healed and are re-tested, we will resume the booking again when it is safe to do so.

Best of luck in the future!


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Hi Gina,
Thank you so much! I completely agree with you! Thanks for the guidance!

Yes, absolutely, I am with you. I feel the same way, I just did not know how to do the cancellation, if it happened. Now I do! Thanks, I appreciate it.

Wow what a story! Thanks for sharing, it is very helpful! Yes, I am glad everyone is safe! Thank you for your advice!

I have a very different view on this than the majority. First and foremost, I discuss the possibility of a COVID interruption with the renter before the booking is finalized and create a mutually agreeable contingency plan. You can stave off a lot of trouble and grief by anticipating these types of situations yourself. Ultimately, COVID is no longer an unforeseen circumstance and we should all expect it to significantly interfere with event plans, particularly for events planned more than a week or two in advance and even more so if it’s an indoor function, until there’s a widely available vaccine/treatment. I only offer a full refund if the guest of honor (bride/groom, birthday person, etc…) or organizer/point of contact becomes ill or tests positive. It’s just as concerning to get a reputation as a pushover who can be taken advantage of and that lasts longer. Being known as a stickler for your own, clearly stated policies, is not a bad thing. In this case, especially since you’ve already been so flexible.

Separately, if this person keeps their reservation, I highly recommend you require they obtain event insurance and/or sign a waiver absolving you of any liability concerning those rental items. The rental company won’t come after you since their service contract is with the renter but the renter might try to if something happens or they are charged for damages to the rental equipment. For future rentals, it may benefit you to arrange rentals yourself so you can coordinate delivery and pickup at your convenience.

Thanks Jennifer, I appreciate your point. Indeed Covid is not an unforseen situation anymore. Coming up with a contingency plan makes real sense! Thank you!