Guests Submitting Multiple Booking Requests for the Same Date/Time

Hi! Are any other hosts having this issue? We’re seeing an uptick of guests cancelling within 24 hours because they booked our space but then cancelled their booking with us after booking another space. (See screenshot.) Very frustrating to say the least as these guests are taking our space off the market for xx hours while they weigh their options.

@peerspace my understanding was that guests could not submit multiple booking requests for the same date/time (for exactly this reason). Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I declined that particular booking request myself, but that was waaay back on the 7th!

It’s very possible, unless I’m missing something, that they didn’t put through multiple booking requests through Peerspace, but found a venue off-Peerspace. There’s unfortunately not too much Peerspace can do about that, I suppose, though around the Holidays, I think the grace period should perhaps be much shorter, just because those dates are at such a premium (we’ve received more than 66 inquiries on December 6th alone!).

The easiest and safest thing to do is to change your cancellation policies.

Changing your policy will prevent this type of guest from pre-booking, and it is unlikely to chase potential serious bookings away.

If they’re waffling on location, either your location will be available for them when they make that last second decision, or it won’t because you’ve booked someone else, but no one is going to NOT book your location just because the cancellation policy isn’t highly in their favor…that’s just going to encourage people who don’t commit to fill up your best time slots because they have no consequence if they don’t book.

We have had maybe 3 cancellations in the last 6 months due to last second changes and 0 during the holiday season, and we have no problem filling the premium days.

I can also see a potential loophole where a guest books for a rental for the next day (say 18 hours in advanced) but they are within the 24 hour cancellation free window so they could cancel any time before their rental without consequence.

Or am I wrong in this interpretation?

Hey Alex,

I think the rule is, if the event is within 48 hours, they do not get the 24 hour grace period. I had this happen a couple of times and still received the full payout if their event was within 48-hours.