Different Cancellation Policies for Different Listings

When the new cancellation policies were rolled out, I knew that having the same policy across all types of events was not going to be a good thing & that has turned out to be the case for me a couple of times so far.

I just had another guest come to see the space, book it as a hold while trying to make a decision for a month or so and then canceled to go with the other space. I really think that Peerspace needs to make it impossible for a guest to book multiple spaces for the same date/ time. If someone is actually planning multiple events on the same day, I’m sure it could be done manually.

This seems to be mainly a problem with events that are more likely to be booked well in advance. I don’t particularly want it to be my problem if someone holds the space for ages & then does a lousy job of promoting their event etc. I’m happy to give some leeway for productions which tend to book much closer to the scheduled dates but I don’t want to scare them off with a too strict policy.

I guess it would be nice to have the cancellation policy a lot more customizable by hosts & to figure out how to penalize guests for booking multiple spaces for the same time.



I’m also interested in varying cancellation policies, by listing would be nice, but also specific to a booking. Most of my bookings have been relatively short-notice and for no more than a 10-hour period, but I’ve gotten inquiries for long-term bookings (weeks/months) and if I’m going to block my space off for that much time I need to have a stricter policy than my normal Flexible.

Does anyone know if I can change the policy following an inquiry, book under a stricter policy, and then change it back? Or does what I have it set to apply at the time of inquiry?