Fried food smell

Does anyone know how to get the smell of fried food out of their space after an event? My space was booked for a catering show case and they made a fried food dish in my space.

I spray essential oils all over the space. French lavender, pine , eucalyptus etc

Thanks! I will try that tonight.

You may want to call the renter and ask if they have any suggestions (for one thing, this lets them know it’s a problem and you noticed). When caterers fried fish in my space, I called to ask if they had any suggestions. They were embarrassed (“I don’t think we even smell it any more”) and suggested lemon-based cleaners or pine incense.

I’d also suggest revising your rules so that no one fries food–at least without getting prior approval from you.

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I use pure limonène cleanser too, it works great

I like the idea of updating my listing with a disclaimer about frying food. Thanks!

As a matter of fact, I do!
Mix up a 50/50 paste of baking soda and water and then wipe down any surface that grease may have touched. This unfortunately means every surface.

Once the grease is gone, wipe them all down with lemon or pine scented ammonia.

EVERY surface. If you can reach your ceiling, it’s there too. Otherwise, your walls, your counters, that little crack between the stove and the counter, the floors, everything.

Disassemble your range hood (if you have one) and let it soak in some lemon or pine scented ammonia and water. If you don’t have a range hood, clean the stove thoroughly.

Now mop your floors. If you have concrete floors, use either professional degreaser cleaner or scented ammonia (I get the stuff by the gallon at the dollar tree). If you have wood, I recommend Murphy oil soap.

I cooked a hamburger about a month ago and my whole place smelled like onions for two days until I performed all of those steps!

There’s a really simple, easy, cheap way to get rid of most smells …white vinegar. Just pour a small amount in a few bowls and place them around the room and the smells should be gone by the next morning. It works well for food smells or even after painting a room. Rather than covering up the smell it absorbs it. And of course, open some windows to get a good cross breeze.