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Hello everyone -
Most of the clients who rent with me bring in food. When a professional caterer is used, everything generally runs smoothly, but when food is dropped off for a self-serve buffet, or a friend or family member is asked to serve, the clean up is always inadequate and I am left with a dirty venue. I have considered adding a cleaning fee for events without a professional caterer, but I fear that I will receive no help at all, or my cleaning fee will be too high as I would have to hire an assistant. Does anyone else have this problem? Thanks for any advice…

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Hi @Elizabeth_K,

When the guest notifies you of a outside caterer dropping off I would let them know that either the caterer needs to clean up or that the guest would need to. If not you can gladly do it for them for your fee. Make sure you address this issue on Peerspace messaging so that it is easier to get the fee for cleaning before they leave.
@Lawrence_A Am I correct?
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I charge a $50 cleaning fee for all events. Additionally, I ask the guests to clean up after their event. They must remove all decorations, trash, and wipe down surfaces. We have cleaning supplies on site and I walk them through the cleaning requirements when they arrive. We ask guests to return the space as they found it. Our staff does a deep clean after the event (sweep, mop, clean bathrooms, etc). I have never gotten any push back on cleaning fee and our space is always impeccably clean.


People will set their value of your space based on the value they perceive you have of your space. If they senes that taking care of it is important to you, they will follow along. Of course there are exceptions to this rule… and for those people there are fees :slight_smile:

What I’ve found effective is to NOT charge a cleaning fee, but make the penalty for leaving a mess very high. I charge $250 for not following the clean up and garbage disposal guidelines.

This works because, at the end of the night, most people won’t think twice about paying $50, $75 or maybe even $100 to just leave and not clean up. $250 seems to be a enough of a pain point that people really pay attention and take it seriously.

I often have worried guests ask me if they’re good to go with the cleaning because they’re fearful of the fee. I walk through the space with them and point out anything they’ve missed or that needs attending to.

That said, I don’t just wait until the last minute to let them know about any issues. I’m on site during the entire booking and regularly walkthrough to check on garbage, look at what people are doing in the kitchen area, etc. If I see any issues, I mention it to the organizer right away.

Hi Geoffrey - your advice is very helpful to me. How do I implement the extra fee for not cleaning? Is it an add-on on your Peerspace site?

Hi Eli - thank you for your advice. Is this just written as a “house rule” in an individual message to them on Peerspace? I am uncertain how to enforce this.

Glad that was helpful. I have people fill out a credit card authorization form as part of their booking. I bill them directly for any damages or cleaning fees.

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Hi @Geoffrey_B, would you mind sharing your credit card authorization form again? I know @Lance_R is interested in seeing it.

I don’t remember, do you collect a security deposit as well?