Concierge Ad Within Listings


Ever since an in-house ad from Peerspace selling Catering, Rentals and Services popped up in the middle of our listings, we’ve noticed a decent uptick in potential guests worried they can’t BYO their own food and beverage (despite our paragraph on Catering letting them know they can).

Curious what impact this might have on leads looking at our space as an alternative to hotels/venues which mandate their own menus, and possibly deter inquiries. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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I had a guest who bought catered lunch for an upcoming event and was surprised to learn that she didn’t have to. I let her know that we were BYO friendly.

I wonder if there is a way to turn this feature off or say that it’s optional. We also offer catering to our guests so this is impacting our ability to sell directly as well.


I had the same issue with a recent booking. Peerspace needs to make it it crystal clear that it’s not the only way to get food to a space.

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At present it seems the only way to properly communicate venues are BYO friendly is to publish it in one’s listing. Extra troubling for venues like yours who offer in-house…


Yes agreed absolutely


I just had a client confused between us and Peerspace catering. She was dealing with peerspace then copied us on a response and then it was all confusing. Not to mention the client and the peerspace rep had the same first name, so that added to the confusion as well.

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