Do you include a site rep for productions?

Hi Everyone,

This topic was brought up about a year ago in the forum, but I didn’t find a strait answer in the thread so I thought I would ask again to see if anyone has feedback…

I’d like to require a site rep to be on site for productions, but I have a few questions on how this works:

  1. Are they paid hourly, or a flat daily rate?
  2. How much is typically charged for a site rep?
  3. I see that you can include this as an “add on” charge to your listing… wouldn’t that mean that the guest has the option to choose to add it or not? I’d like to make it a mandatory charge.
  4. Most productions are open to this charge, correct?

Thanks for any insight you can provide!

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Hi Karen, the numbers I have seen are $35/hour or $350/day, could be more now. Classically it was understood that a site rep was required, but it seems productions are all over the place these days.

If it is required, then ideally the charge would be rolled into your hourly rate, but then that is a challenge as guests are comparing rates. I am wrestling with that on a few things, not wanting guests to be frustrated by additional charges, but still wanting to be compensated.

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It is heartening to see people remember back when site coordinators were the norm. In the last year, I have had several guests demand that we leave our own home to give them “privacy”. Considering I’ve gotten robbed by a guest, had a guest turn on a fog machine in our home, have had dishes broken, half of them leave my front door wide open and have had guests actually try to fight with my neighbors, their privacy has to take a backseat to our safety.

I recently received a ridiculous negative review because I had a site coordinator present during the rental, despite this being clearly stated in our rules.

My recommendation is to work it into your cost for productions over 5 or 10 people (that is, if you’re able to watch smaller productions yourself)

Since you’re in LA, you could even do 20-25/hr and hire a guard with an actual guard card to ensure that your space is respected, because it literally only takes a minute for someone to decide that they have the right to remove $2000 paintings off the wall and set them in a hallway, where they get stepped on (strangely specific, I know haha - my experiences are interesting)

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