Chat Option gone

I don’t know how many hosts feel about this, but I really miss the CHAT option with Peerspace. Now I have to email, and patiently wait for an answer and the back and forth over email is tiresome. Calling only directs you back to emailing. Customer service is key and while I seldom have the need to contact Peerspace when I do, it’s time sensitive. This time it was regarding a late payment from Peerspace.
Any thoughts from other hosts?

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I agree. If needed, I will ask the potential client for a phone number. If there are a lot of time sensitive details to discuss the client is more than happy to get on the phone with me asap. I then followup with a Peerspace email to confirm our phone conversation details. I’m not into Chats.

That would be a great option. Sometimes I’ve needed to reach Peerspace help asap and have to wait as well; one time I didn’t have a client’s # and they were due and another a payment was overdue and I was eager to get more info quickly.

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Using the Peerspace app allows me to respond to folks instantly and has a chat feel.

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There has been a misunderstanding regarding CHAT. I love the chat messaging with clients and also have to ask for a quick phone chat as that gets a lot of questions answered quickly.
This particular “Chat Option gone” was referring to accessing the Peerspace help desk when we need answers from Peerspace.
Sorry for the confusion!!!

Hi @Haruko_H,

The chat option is still available on the website the button has changed it now says support and has a bunch of new features.

When you go to the button you have to first search for your issue now as we have created support articles that answer common questions you may have.

If the support article doesn’t answer the question you are looking for there is an option to chat, email or call in during our operation hours to get more information.

I took a look at your account and appears that you received an email response ten minutes after you sent your first email.



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