Ability to Review Inquiries

Many of my inquiries are guests who have just signed up to Peerspace, so I don’t even think to check for reviews (as they typically do not have any).

It would be useful if we could review the inquiries in a host-only system, alert other hosts to potential problem guests.

I write this as my site visit for today at noon did not show, did not call, did not take my call. This is all after she confirmed her appointment yesterday. I feel that would be useful for other hosts to know.

The main two things that come to mind are not showing for appointments, and “Pushed to book outside of Peerspace.” But any negative experience or behavior.

Just a thought, have a good weekend!


I agree with this as a way to protect other hosts, but I have a hunch that PS might see a potential for abuse.

You know what I would love to see is a system to ‘officially book’ site visits through the platform.

Another platform offers this - they ensure that the person booking the site tour is the person making the booking (so no personal assistants can book a site tour, only the producer, director or event coordinator) and I think it’s a great idea.

I personally rarely book site tours, but I still feel your pain >_<


Hey Brad! I agree with you as far as having a host group site to give each other feedback on potential clients.


That’s a good idea, booking site visits officially through the platform. That could support some kind of feedback and even alerts. Agreed, potential for abuse, and everyone is concerned about potential legal action over defamation.

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I agree that site visits be tracked in Peerspace. If they don’t show the information can be part of their reviews.


I like the host-only reviews idea. I for one do not post negative reviews for guests on PeerSpace even if I would like to warn other hosts. It’s not worth it. Who wants to create bad blood with another person(s) especially in your home town? Also, they could retaliate in some way like leaving a negative review for you elsewhere like Google or Yelp. On the flip side, with the problem (music video) shoots I feel like I cannot enforce my house rules with the threat of a negative review hanging over my head. The threat of the bad review ties my hands when I most need to get tough. Bad reviews are forever and are too damaging to the business. People can get vindictive and lie. Especially when there are 25 of them, one of you, they’ve never or rarely used PeerSpace before and/or aren’t thinking about the review they may get.