Can you reply to a review


I just received a very unfair review. The guests arrived 3 hours early and started working 1 hour before the booked time, I confronted them about it, they didn’t pay for the extra hour and now wrote me a damaging review about it.


I definitely feel your pain with circumstances like that. Hopefully you also left him a truthful review on their actions while in your space.

Yes it would be nice to be review the review.



As a marketplace, we see a lot of value with a simple peer-to-peer review system, where unbiased and constructive reviews can help grow business for hosts. Ultimately however, to limit potential bias, we can only intervene in rare situations where a review clearly violates our content guidelines.

That said, we understand the limitations of this type of review system. We do have a process to dispute and evaluate reviews as needed, once they are published on Peerspace. Reviews are only shared once both sides have submitted theirs.

If you believe any of the content in a guest’s review is dishonest or violates our content guidelines, please reach out to us at and provide the guest’s name. Our team will work with you to collect what context and evidence we can to evaluate if we are able to remove or allow a response to the review, based on our content guidelines. We don’t have a feature for this built into the platform quite yet, so any review changes for now would need to go through our team. Let us know if you have any questions.




Thanks for this piece of information



True, Sean, but as hosts we are compelled to submit a review prior to being able to accept any other bookings. So we’re seemingly required to expose ourselves to the potential of an unfair review moreso than a guest who could theoretically simply ignore two reminder emails and go on their way.

We’ve been lucky enough to have excellent reviews, and we’re always pleased with the support we’ve received, so I imagine if something in a guest review was really out of bounds, the help desk would have our backs. Hopefully so.


here here!
We shouldn’t be forced to leave reviews for guests. Often, those guests wrongfully assume that we’re going to leave them bad reviews, which in turn makes THEM leave bad reviews for us.

I’d rather reviews be more like a ‘cold war’ or ‘mutually assured destruction’. I personally feel it’s unfair that we’re forced to review our guests before accepting other bookings.


I would ssy that people/guests reading the reviews notice if a review is unfair


I believe you’re right!
We’d had another renter leave us a four star review stating that they would not book us again.

They recorded dialogue of multiple actors screaming at the top of their lungs (each scream was about 30 seconds long) and I had to tell them to stop.

Our listing is VERY clear about loud noises (loud music, screaming, gunshots, etc), but his review stated that we never made our policies clear.


I don’t accept them in before the booked time but all the cimmunication has to be calm and with a smile, so that they don’t feel unwelcome


That can happen unfortunately