Black lists or blacklist productions

Hello Peerspacers,
This is Heather from BlueLagoonJungle in Orange County Ca, Yorba Linda to be exact. We are about an hour from Los Ángeles.

The forum has been really helpful for me but I wish there was a way to find out more information about the guests short of asking them 100 questions.

Is there a thread on here or do you guys want to start a black list somehow?
It really would be helpful. We could do by area and then have a blurb about problems.

Also, if in reviews there was some way of contacting the host that wrote the review, but the name of the studio/facility is not listed. This way we could communicate with each other to get the full story and not the sugar coated version that is written in the reviews.

A suggestion to peerspace is to make the profiles clickable where the host left the review. That way we could contact the host and be able to crossreference. I also wish there was a way to search guests profile. As I’m pretty sure with one of my bookings they had bad reviews so they created another one in the partners name.

The last review I wrote was nicer than I would have liked. I don’t want to mislead other hosts though. I deliberately included the name of my space so if a host wanted to ask questions they could potentially find me. I would not book one single one of them again . I was afraid of retaliation though. They had a “bodyguard “ there and overall some of the people I’d rather not be on there bad list, they all know where I live.

So I wish there was a way that on reviews I could refer to something that hosts understand and then they check the forums. A code word haha.


I want a code word! Maybe: Snoopy?

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I agree about needing some sort of reference list or at least an update to guests profiles so that hosts aren’t going into a booking blind! So many guests have brand new profiles with no reviews and many artists use alias names and unclear profile photos so they’re sometimes impossible to find any necessary information on. I understand it’s mostly for privacy and also to avoid discrimination but a little more information would help prevent risk! I always ask questions and request more information on the guests and their group but 80% of the time they simply never respond in the messages and are silent before the actual booking. And, like you said, I too give more flattering and simplified reviews than I should to uphold a good business rep. (except for the people that trash the place, those reviews are honest but I’ve noticed those guests never review back and are most likely creating new accounts)

Love the idea of being able to click on hosts profiles to message!


I’ve just hosted a production for Tillys and they were terrible guests. So watch out for them.

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Wow really. Good to know. Thx for letting us know.

I love the code word. I am literally going to use the word snoopy. It will be random but I ll throw it in. Look for it #snoopy

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It would be great if Peerspace could vet client’s better by confirming more information, as to avoid irresponsible clients lying, misrepresenting, and abusing the spaces.

It would also be great if Peerspace would either pursue fines or allow hosts to charge fines for clients trying to take advantage of hosts (like smoking, drinking, damaging props, not doing what they specified, having more people than stated, or pursuing charges that the clients agree to pay as to not be removed from premises, and then they change their mind, and hosts can not collect).

If there is no “follow up” to the negative activities of clients, Peerspace is setting precedent, that it is allowing clients to do whatever they want, and there are no consequences to their actions, further encouraging such behavior.

It seems to us that this trend of “bad clients” keeps reoccurring as they have realized that Peerspace is not taking action pursuing charges, even after hosts can prove that their rules (that are clearly stated) have been broken, and completely disregarded by clients.

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@Ana_K Wow, sounds like a bad situation. Im sorry to hear that, I can feel your disgust. I do think that if the booker puts down a credit card they are going to be sure their guests stay in line. It really would be nice if that was a feature.As far as the horrible things they did, did you leave it in your review? If you don’t mind…ummm Who was it? Meanwhile, maybe they should be on our blacklist, with an explanation of what happened. It really is helpful to hear from other hosts. Was it a production? A music video? If so how many people?

Hi HeatherVan_G,

It was supposed to be a music video of 15, turned out to be 76 people, with marijuana smoking, drinking, etc,. After we submitted all evidence to Peerspace, including a recording of the client verbally stating she would “take care of it” of paying the difference for which we had already informed her in writing before we went to remove her from premises, expecting to collect on what the client had verbally agreed, we found ourselves in limbo with the charges up in the air.

We were sent by Peerspace to Arbitration, to fight for the difference from the “15 people production” rate to the “up to 80 people” rate, for damages, cleaning, and additional personnel fees. The client was “Chike B, Az The Cult Inc” but in the Arbitration documents, the client is legally named “Damaria Walker.” We thought we would have no issues collecting on at least the difference of rate in production size, and the overtime, as these would be the “regular charges.”

However, we are in the process of arbitration, for all the charges beyond the original booking amount. We were not so happy to see Peerspace handle things this way as we thought the difference rate and overtime are the common charges that Peerspace pursues, and only the difference would go into arbitration.

It seemed from the fact that on the day of the event no one knew the “person in charge” by “Chike” that this person does this repeatedly by changing names. Hope that Peerspace can vet clients better or at least fine the accounts of those who abuse the platform, so these clients know that doing this is not acceptable and other hosts are not victims to these type of bookings.

If they had booked under “event” with the right amount of guests, or inquired with the truth, things would have been rather different, as we do take a lot of precautions for bookings that could be problematic.

Hope that helps.