A Peerspace app for mobile phones

I wonder if Peerspace could have an app for mobile phones. I think that would be very helpful

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Great news - they have an app! :slight_smile:

I know they have one for iPhone, but I am assuming there’s one for Android?

Hello Deacon
No there isn’t for Android

You can use the web browser on your phone, they have made it look the same on all devices.

Hi Daphne,

While we currently don’t have an Android app, you can add the Peerspace mobile site to your phone’s homescreen.

To do so, open Chrome on your phone, go to peerspace.com and then tap the 3 dot icon in the upper right and select “Add to Home Screen”.

This will add an icon to your homescreen so you can quickly use the site.


Thank you

But I won’t have early notification.
Right away I check my emails all the time