Why haven't I been paid

I listed my studio back in the fall and finally in March I had two bookings. To date I ave not received any payments. Now I am getting my third request and I’m nervous to accept it not knowing if I am going to be paid. Can I be contacted directly and explain why I haven’t been paid.


I would contact Peerspace(email or phone) directly on this. They are usually quick on response.

Hey Don. So sorry for the delay. Let’s get this sorted out today. Can you send a link to your listing to help@peerspace?

1WCUCTEJ1N. can you tell me when this payment to my bank account will post…customer paid me on July 5.

Hi @Robin_L, payouts are issued 3-5 business days after the event takes place.


Ok -after Event…

got it

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To make sure if there any extra fees or deductions they are processed.

I haven’t been paid yet either on my second booking

I also have not been paid for my first booking and it is now 6 months later with numerous emails sent to the help@ email address. @Daniel_W this was your suggestion for another host in the thread above. I will send one more right now. Can you help me get paid?

Well over a week since the event, and I still haven’t been paid. Extremely disappointing.

Hi @Steve_M2,

I apologize for the delay. We took a look and the payout is processing so should hit your account this week. Thanks,