Sharing a nightmare booking

well it finally happened, we got our first nightmare guest that we had to kick out!

So much happened, so much went wrong but I’m just gonna copy & paste the review I left. I was being nice here too.

“oh geez, sucks to be Nirvan in this scenario since he was just the videographer that booked for an artist music video but that was the worst booking and worst guest experience we’ve ever had. Nirvan was shooting for rap artist, Nascar, who turned up with his crew which already exceeded the 5 person number mentioned in the booking. Immediately they were incredibly disrespectful to our space, throwing glass bottles/beer cans and other props onto our Cyc wall, including our actual trash can which they broke the lid of and dented. This excessive rowdiness caused us to interrupt and give a warning plus repeat our specific cyc wall rules regarding cleaning and to NOT step on the curves. The shoot continued and the rowdiness got worse but what made us KICK THEM OUT was when they set up for a shot and had one of the guys VOMIT on our Cyc floor. Twice. We watched the whole thing via our security cameras and promptly stopped the shoot, asking them to leave. It was disgusting. They left the studio but did continue to shoot gorilla style on the street outside while we cleaned up vomit and trash. There was a crack on the curve of the cyc, damaged props and lots of cleaning and re-painting to do. All we can do is charge for the inconvenience. Nirvan has great reviews so we understand he is a professional, but his group were horrible and he did not handle them professionally. They were quick to post to social media glorifying that they were banned from our studio. Very on brand. Honestly they probably got a dope video out of it just sucks that we were involved.”
I forgot to mention the vomit smell was so bad we had to cancel our next booking!

This guy has a list of past bookings with good reviews so that really sucks for him. Not that I’m actually empathetic but I am a little nervous for whatever he decides to write for our host review! The security footage is insane and something we can forever laugh at.


also want to add this was a same day booking and the booking request simply said “filming a low budget music video” 5 people 2hrs. I trusted the reviews.

Nirvan arrived before the guests and as I greeted him and did my usual studio rules tour he then arrogantly started directing me to move certain props and rearrange one of the sets and lighting. I’m pretty damn polite so started doing exactly that as I continued small talk thinking he would help. He didn’t. I said about 3 times that he can move any props and lights as he wishes, hinting that HE can do it and then I said I’ll be in the office during the booking. He just simply directed me to again move some other stuff (this is heavy stuff like a freaking coffin and backdrop) I said again, politely, that YOU and your crew can move what you want to set up but I do not know your vision and will be in the office while you shoot.

anyway, apologies for the venting but also wanted to shed some light on a frequent Peerspace booker!

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Wow sounds horrible! Good for you for kicking this crew out. I hope they had insurance and you held a good security deposit. I confirm all of that before booking, I’ve never had a same day booking as seems as if too much info to confirm for the job.

@Smac_M where are you located? I’ve had a couple of last minute bookings that I turned down. Wondering if it was him. Thanks!

Also… horrible situation. Sorry you had to go through that.

DTLA! the artist was Nascar, he’s got a reputation of being quite a crazy punk so it really was just a fun night for him to mess up our place.

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Does Peerspace do an automatic security deposit or do you do that separately?
We have insurance for our space and know Peerspace have insurance but our studio targets amateur-mid professionals so we’re on the smaller side and not having large productions with their own insurance. Mostly people needing to create content, and with a 2hr minimum we get multiple same day bookings, which are usually all great and super smooth!

We see there is a lot more new guest signing up which for the most part is a good thing. The problem is without any review we have nothing to go on. We feel guest should have to post a profile of who they are and of there work. This way we have something to help diced if we want to rent to them.


Yep! I really wish there was more to their profile other than first name and last initial. I admit i’m pretty good at finding people online and do a quick search before accepting a new guests but i find a lot of artists use alias names or have stage names so are sometimes impossible to find any reference on. With no reviews and no info it leaves too much room for risk!

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I always ask for a meet and greet before rental… Can be exhausting but can weed a lot of people out.

I looked up some dude name nascarloe on IG and saw a video in a studio with a guy throwing up. The location said “Small dick club”. These dudes look crazy. I usually ask a couple of questions before they book.

We have so many bookings a day it would mean cancelling bookings to allow time for people to meet. I definitely think that’s appropriate for big spaces and event rentals but for our small, quick and generally last minute bookings it would really affect business negatively.

that’s him haha. We ask lots of questions and have good communication prior to every booking (on our end at least, we can’t help it if guests are non-responsive). I always research the guests online and thoroughly check out their work. The videographer was professional, had more than ten 5 star reviews and good social media branding. They definitely weren’t going to tell us their plans of trashing our studio!

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Hi Smac_M,

Question, as we starting having clients that are disrespectful of the space, as they misrepresent what they are planning to do, they abuse the space, damage props, or do things that we prohibit.

Were you able to collect all costs of damages done by the client? If you could let us know, I would highly appreciate it. Thanks~!

Hi Ana,

yes for this particular case, we simply sent the security video of the guests doing all the crazy shit they did and Peerspace accepted the charges.
They never asked for any more evidence, receipts, invoices or anything. We just named a price and that was that.

(I also made the other recent post about Peerspace now wanting 3rd party invoices for damage) so now we’re amidst the 2nd time needing to add extra charges for damage/mess etc. and Peerspace are basically saying we can’t name an arbitrary price for the damage and the extra cleaning for the guests that broke our studio rules and without a 3rd party invoice they can’t submit these extra charges.

I’m literally baffled at the difference in response between the two incidents.