"Rates starting at"


Since listings display one price (that likely does not fit all events/productions) it might be helpful on the public facing listing for the largely displayed price to indicate something like “rates starting at $X” instead of leading the guest to mistakenly believe that price applies no matter how large their group/impact is.

Even better would be a few options for this text that the host can choose, in case other hosts are pricing differently than we are. ie. “rate will not exceed $X”, “as low as $X”, etc. Better yet, hosts could customize a short clarifying message next to the instant book icon (not to exceed X characters).

We have TONS of detail in our “About the Space” section, but find that few guests read the pricing for larger groups.



Thank you. I was running into this problem. It’s an amazing idea. Now if I can only get a template. :thinking:

Great idea. I have slightly higher pricing for larger groups explicitly detailed in my rules section and no one sees it because they don’t read. Same with security deposits. They are shocked when I bring it up.


I have thought the same, thank you for bringing it up. “Rates starting at” would be a great start, and having a custom field is a cool idea.

Also agree that nobody reads. I especially love these inquiries: “Can you tell me about your space?” Would be nice if the software could ensure that all information had been displayed (read) before they can message the host.


Initially I had this issue but most of guests read the description and if not I provide the custom quote and in the details I write “please read our description”

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Peerspace has instructed me to consider ‘The Listing’ as ‘The Contract’. Yet almost none of my Guest bother to read much past the first paragraph. I know this for a fact because I receive endless email messages (asking one question at a time) about things clearly spelled out in The Listing.

I just went through a most recent batch of messages for a one (1) day standard Offsite meeting with nothing special or out of the ordinary happening. Between the Guest, her boss, and her assistant the total number of real email messages and Peerspace messages was 122!!!

In trying to be a nice and accommodating Host, I end up spending countless hours answering questions that are already in my Listing! This is something I would expect from a high-school kid, not adults working for a corporation! People don’t read “The Contract”.

PS needs to come up with a system to ensure that “The Contract” is read. Like CHECK BOXES where the client acknowledges important CALL OUT ITEMS as determined by the Host at the time of sending the Booking Request.

How are other Hosts managing endless email messages, unread listing details and requests for multiple site visits where the Guests wants to come back “just one more time” to bring “another important co-worker for a walkthrough…”.

If I add any more RULES to my listing, then Guests will need to hire an attorney to go through it!!


@Vic_F I feel your frustration!
Once the guest inquiries and I feel like it will take a long time to respond by message, I ask for the number and a date to discuss ALL items they are interested in knowing. If they need additional time to discuss again I would after they have booked.:grinning:

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I feel this too as my pricing depends on if you’re doing a photoshoot, film shoot or an event. Also the time of day effects the price.

I handle this by creating a detailed, but not too long, message that cut and past into my initial response to most inquiries. This helps me in 3 ways:

  1. People almost always read it. I know this because they often thank me for all the detail.

  2. I know for a fact that all of the important info has been sent to them. No more “Oh… I didn’t see that you charge for that!” comments from renters. I just tell them, “See my initial email to you. It’s all in there.”

  3. It weeds out the renters I don’t want by mentioning things like not being about to sell alcohol or our rules against insanely loud DJ performances, etc without having to go back and forth 50 times with messages.

Hope that helps.


That’s a very helpful suggestion. Thanks @Geoffrey_B.

We often write something like “you probably saw in our ‘about the space’ section that our posted rate is for a small group…” But it still feels like an uncomfortable dance to get to a large group rate.

My problem will be keeping it short!


Absolutely agree! I have thought this 100 times. It’s so simple and would solve so many problems/misunderstandings. People don’t read the listing, especially first time users. I’ve requested this from PeerSpace too.

I feel your pain with the 122 messages. My location is primarily exterior and I’m on a quiet residential street so I have lot’s of rules I need to re-iterate re. quiet and parking. For me the #1 thing I would like to see PeerSpace do is expand the size of the box we write messages in. It’s 1.5" tall. I need to write messages that are sometimes 10" tall. It’s very difficult to write messages when you have to scroll up and down to see/proofread what you have written. Amazingly, customer support says I am the only person who complains about the 1.5" box.

Great idea on the Check Boxes. I would also add a basic rules for renters for all renters upon sign up with PeerSpace. Many productions don’t have the slightest idea what are common standard industry practices/conduct on a photo/film shoot. Especially the music video shoots. People who are rejected by the Location Agencies come to PeerSpace so we get the rejects that the Location Agencies won’t represent. At least in Los Angeles.