Random: Quick Shine for concrete floors

This is ENTIRELY RANDOM, but if you have hard floors, I cannot recommend the product ‘Quick Shine’ enough.

So this weekend’s rental unfortunately cancelled at the last minute today, but we’d already gone through our extensive cleaning process before receiving their message.

We’d cleaned all of the cabinets, we wiped down every inch of the bathroom with Ammonia and then with bleach to sanitize it, we vacuumed the floors, mopped and then polished the downstairs concrete.

I never have time to admire our handiwork because I am always cleaning up until the moment my guests arrive. By the time they’re gone, the polish is often looking less polished than it did before the rental…except for today.

I was just looking at how glossy the floor looked just now and how it reflected the lights and everything else and I felt like sharing.

Lord in heaven the difference that polish makes…I’ve had concrete floors for years and never once thought about polishing them.

A 64 ounce bottle is 10 bucks at Home Depot or Amazon and it goes on with a microfiber mop (I recommend something like the Swiffer sprayjet things).

I mention it because a clean, glossy floor is an easy way to really ‘wow’ your renters and impress the heck out of them to earn that five star review!


That’s an awesome tip, thanks! I can visualize how it would really make a difference. It’s those little touches that show care and thoughtfulness.

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Deacon…Your “entirely random” recommendation is actually quite a good recommendation…I have concrete acryllic floors throughout my residence, and the first thing that guests (not only Peerspace guests) notice when they walk into the entry foyer is the high gloss finish on the floor. (courtesy of housekeeper and quick Shine or Mop 'n Glo)…then they look up to see the magnificent view…and the reaction is invariably…“How do you keep this home so spotless”…the perception that is automatically generated by the gleaming floors…and this certainly would apply to most hard-surface flooring.

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Hello, I don’t have concrete floors, but the product can be used on hardwood floors as well. I am always. Oncerned about protecting my homes 80+ year hardwood floors. I have a roll of kraft paper just for that reason. Anyway, some of the reviews on Amazon mentioned that this product left a wax on the floor. That would be very dangerous. Have you noticed that on the concrete?

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Hey Deacon!

I mop the floors twice a week with mop cleaner and I retreat the floor every 3 months to give it the shine it has. Thank you for your input, I am going to homedepot to find it.

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Thanks for the post Deacon. I use a sealer from Smart & Final that I like, but it is definitely more of a production applying it. I’ll have to check out Quick Shine as well!

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I haven’t as of yet, as it seems to safely get mopped up each time I clean the floors! :smiley: So no residue build up at all. My site coordinator recommended it to me and I had no idea I could polish floors without a big polishing machine.

I’ve become obsessed!!

I forgot to include photos (sorry for my crappy iPhone)

shine3 shine2 shine1

One other tip that another Peerspace host (who is also one of my neighbors) gave me is to point out that your bathroom is freshly clean, with a fresh hand towel… It will make your renters feel even better about your place.

One other tip from me is to buy big jugs of cleaning vinegar, big jugs of bleach and big jugs of ammonia from the dollar store and then fill up empty spray bottles (also from the dollar store) to not only save on cleaning costs, but they make waaaaay better cleaners than the watered down store brands.

I use the vinegar on the mirrors and glass, I use the ammonia for countertops and then bleach for the bathrooms, wood cutting boards, etc.

When your renters catch that faint scent of bleach in the air, they’re gonna know that you did some cleaning.

Thanks for sharing in my sort of dorky obsession with cleaning. Maria and I are the only two people I know who actually get excited about cleaning stuff haha :smiley:

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I love the smell of bleach as it exudes cleanliness but I have found some people hate it. I think they are weird.

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We occasionally touch up paint before a rental, and always mop, so we air out the space and light a couple of candles before our guest arrives.

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I have hardwood floors that generally look a bit sad. I’ll try it.

Thanks Deacon,

But now I need more help. Just went on to Amazon to order the Quick Shine for my hardwood floors. But there are so many choices, I don’t know which one to choose. HELP !! If possible, could you please email me directly, perhaps with a link to the best one.

I thank you in advance,


Hey @Deacon_T, I bought a bunch of Quick Shine but have not actually applied it to the floor yet. It seems I saw somewhere a reference to it looking milky when water was spilled on it. Any experience with anything like that?

@Yvonne_E, we picked up a number of bottles at Home Depot, but I am not sure which variation we got. We have a concrete floor.

hey guys!
Sorry I’ve been MIA lately - life has been pretty busy!

@Brad_B - it does turn milky white when a significant amount of water is spilled on it and allowed to soak in, but as long as you wipe up spills, it won’t be a problem.

Also, it goes away after the floor dries again.

Quick tip though: don’t pull a Deacon and keep polishing and polishing and polishing your floor every day - strip it down to the concrete once a week with a good HEAVY mopping.

I capitalized ‘heavy’ on purpose, because a regular mopping isn’t enough lol; you need some strong chemicals to remove all of the polish!

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