Tips to protect floors, walls during production or event bookings?


Guys, any successful ways to minimize damage to the space during production or event bookings? Ways to cover floors or walls, furniture etc. thank you!


My living room is a photo studio. Our use area rugs, the 5 x 7 size with foam padding underneath.



I’ve heard that some hosts will provide “tennis ball protectors” for production crews to ensure that their equipment doesn’t scratch the floors (@Ashley_N I believe you mentioned this right?). Might be a good investment to purchase some online to help protect your space (and you might also get brownie points from the guest upping your chances of getting a 5* review!).


Tennis balls is a great idea.
I look at a lot of bts images of studio shoot to get ideas…



We have a concrete floor, but we try to keep a nice finish on it. We have less trouble with production than we do events where guests get cheap rental furnishings that scratch the floor. We make a point to recommend vendors we like, and stress that guests need to tell the vendors that tables and chairs need rubber feet, or some kind of protection.

I am even more frustrated by tape. People want to tape down cords, red carpets, and other odds and ends, and it pulls the finish right off. Anyone have any go-to solutions?

We recently tried paper tape, but that still pulls a bit. We could get lengths of carpet, or floor mats to cover cables? There are “floor cord covers” you can buy, I think I will buy some long ones and cut them to various lengths to have on hand.

After trying several sealers on the floor, the one I like best is from Smart & Final. Goes on easily and looks great. Here’s a question: What I should do, is wax the floor after a few coats of sealer. Then the tape should just pull up the wax, not the sealer. I haven’t waxed yet, because I don’t want to have to remove the wax when it is time to seal the floor again. Anyone have experience with wax on a sealed floor?


Yes @Spencer! Tennis balls are a great idea to have on site for crews to use on their equipment.

You can also invest in floor mats or layout board (which are basically large rolls of thin cardboard) to protect your floors across a wide surface area. We have found both of these to be effective.


We lay out Ram board if they are not using the studio floor in their shots.