Photography Studio Floor Maintenance

Just here getting a feel of how other studio rentals handle the re-painting of a white studio floor. We’ve been open for over a year now and the biggest challenge for us is keeping that floor as clean as possible for our clients but as any studio owner knows, if the client isn’t paying for the floor to be repainted each time, it’s not cost-effective to paint after every client, therefore a slight foot traffic clause is presented to the client before booking. If a client requires a fresh paint that’s an additional charge. Is this how other studios with white floors are operating?

I have this same problem with my studio. I found that asking the client exactly where will they be shooting in the studio and the floors require a new coat of paint. Sometime the client does need a new coat or they may be using the studio for other purposes other than photography or video shoots. depending on traffic I would have painting footies for their use. Or I would change my listing to add an optional new paint coat for an additional $$. Hope this helps.

Hi Paul, missed you at the chapter meetup the other day, hope to see you at a future one :wink:
For our cyc, since we host a lot of events here our white floor gets dirty fairly rapidly. We repaint once or twice a month if it gets too dirty but out standard policy is that a fresh coat is extra. Since it takes maybe an hour to prep, paint, and clean up and the paint costs maybe $20, we don’t charge a lot and we don’t upcharge a lot on the labor so it’s not a huge burden for a client to add-on.
As much as possible, we also push clients to tour the studio prior to booking so they get a feel for the space and can make an informed decision about how clean they need the floor.

My recommendations (I used to have a cyc wall and white floor at one of my studios):

Strip your floor completely bare (take off all the paint), fill in any cracks in the concrete and then sand it smooth (this is a lot of work, but it only needs to be ONCE, so you’re going to save a TON of time in the long run!

You can rent the machines at Home Depot for fairly cheap, or if you’re a masochist, you can put a sanding attachment on a couple of drills (don’t use an inexpensive cordless, as they don’t have quite enough power for the job) and make a weekend out of sanding your floor (I was a masochist, because I was cheap).

Then, repaint your floor using a good quality floor paint (I probably did something silly like 7 layers of paint), followed by at least 5 clear coats (the clear coat is so critical to this).

Lastly, clean your floors with ammonia and polish your floors with a microfiber mop, using ‘Quick Shine’.

Your floor will be so easy to clean that you will rarely have to repaint it. Maybe 1-2 times a year!