Proper category for a New Listing for a Nightclub Style Event Space

I just listed my nightclub style event space on peerspace, but I only want to rent it out for media shoots (film, movie, video shoots) through this site. The price I am listing is much lower for a media shoot than I would charge for an affair. I believe it is listed correctly to indicate what I will rent it for through peerspace, but I was wondering if there was any particular verbiage I should include in my listing so that potential clients only contact me for these types of bookings. TIA for any advice.

I would list it under “media productions” not “events” and then put something in the headline that made it clear that your offering a nightclub for film/photo productions. Mention that you’re “production friendly” and put pix of productions in action into your photo gallery as soon as you have them.

I’m in NYC. Message me directly if you have specific questions.