Price change for wedding events


There is a huge difference in price for an event depending on the number of people. The price shows up for upto 60 people and in the notes there are prices for 100 to 500 people. However when someone is interested they may say 300 guests but the price does not show for that number it shows the much smaller price for 60 people. So it gives them a price which is much less, how can we deal with this?
A second issue is weddings are looking 1-2 years in advance, what happens here does peerspace hold the persons money for 2 years, give us no deposit and pay us on the day of the event. No one wants to pay up front 2 years ahead when normally they do a small deposit to hold the date.

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I totally agree! We need to have pricing parameters based on anything - # of people being the primary one - and have them billed automatically from the get go (and not have to try to charge them AFTER the booking.) I think they are working on a solution for this but the billing needs to be able to be set by the owner using some kind of “open menu” method.


I agree! I had a booking where the guest didn’t read my entire listing and booked based on the lower pricing. There was a $4000 difference in price because they had so many people in their group. After bringing it to her attention, she readily admitted that she hadn’t read the entire listing. Peerspace must design a system to accommodate for this. It’s frustrating because people don’t read. At the top of my listing, I’ve now put a sentence asking people to READ the ENTIRE listing before booking or sending an inquiry. It’s not ideal but it’s the best I can do short of displaying my rules section first… Lol.

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People not reading the listing is at the core of our issues and perhaps having them initial or sign each section with the reminder that it’s a legally binding contract might be a good solution.

I am a commercial photographer by trade and people tend to sign my contracts without reading too, but when it becomes an issue, I show them the contract and tell them that the matter is not open to discussion.

Having everything in black and white and forcing them to stop and consider what they’re agreeing to can give pause to some and lead to a better experience.

Also, I agree with you about the deposit. I shot weddings for many, many years and I can’t even consider what I’d do if I wasn’t able to collect a non refundable retainer.

In my years shooting weddings, we had…perhaps 15-20 cancellations (which is REALLY low considering) but those cancellations all came at a time when we couldn’t afford to give out refunds and when the lack of payment for remaining balances hit us very hard.

My personal feeling is that having tiered pricing based on the number of guests would be a positive addition to the platform. Additionally, the ability to collect a retainer or deposit would make Peerspace that much more lucrative for events that are planned far in advance, such as a wedding!


Well written Deacon!

I would probably have the guest send a deposit and refund it after the full booking deposit from Peerspace or you can always use it towards paying any damages. I would ask Peerspace for their approval or suggestion.

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Totally agree Deacon!

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