Pop-Up discounts for longer rentals?


Curious what kind of discounts people are offering to Pop-Ups who are looking to stay for anywhere from a week to a month.

The full price gets quite high (which is obviously great for us), but is that putting it out of reach for most potential Pop-Ups?

Related question:

Do you only charge for each hour they are on site? In other words - stopping the clock when they lock up at the end of the day, and then starting it up again when they return the following morning?


Hi Howard,

Great question! We did have a day rate, but ultimately, it depends when they start and finish each day and how they transform the space if it all. To give you some idea, we charge 250/hr and our day rate is 1800. If it’s a corporate rental, I tend to look at the hours rather than a day rate as they usually can afford it.