Photo album organization


How can I better organize the photo album in my listing. Is there a better way that am not aware of?


How to arrange photos easier

Hi Keston - when you’re in “Edit Listing” mode, you can drag each photo individually in order to change the order of the photos. If it’s easier, you can also delete all the photos and then bulk upload a folder into your listing (ensuring that the order of the photos in the folder uploaded from your computer is in the order that you prefer).


ok. thanks.
Can we add text under pic? if now is that coming?



Currently we don’t support picture captions but it’s definitely something we will add at some point in the future. Great feedback!


Thanks again @Spencer


I have lots of photos, but I want to order them. And if I drag a photo from the bottom to the top, it will actually take another photo from the top, and then put it at the bottom.

As opposed to simply inserting the photo in between pics, at the top. This makes it very very cumbersome to arrange photos. Any advice?


I agree with Tommy, this is very frustrating. We would prefer to drag a photo and have it insert between two photos, would be much easier.


Hey @Tommy_R and @Brad_B - I’ve gone ahead and merged your original topic with this existing one here. I included a few initial thoughts up above - feel free to take a look! In the meantime, we’ll consider this feedback as we look to update our listing management tools. Stay tuned!