Photos Add/Edit

Where do I go to update my listing photos? I’d like to add and remove some.

On your dashboard, click on Listing (on the top), Edit your type of listing(production, off-site, events) and pictures is the second option. Keep in mind you need to change three types of rental use.
Any questions let me know.

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I had the same Q for weeks, as the edit page is so different now. Find the listing and click the red button “Review” to get to the edit photos page.

I, too, have been very confused by this recent change. Does that mean we’re only able to edit images under the “Customize for different activities” section? It seems like image editing should be found under the general “Edit Space” tab. I’m in the process of setting up a new listing and I’ve already entered all of the listing information. However, in order to upload the images, it looks like it’s requiring me to select an activity, which then requires me to enter all of the listing information a second time for each activity category, which is silly since this information doesn’t necessarily vary by activity.

The add/edit of photos has always been a weak aspect of the platform unfortunately. We should be able to easily drop/drop and reorder them as we please. And it would be helpful if there were a feature that allows you to click Apply to Additional Categories so that if desired you don’t have to go into separate categories to make the same changes multiple times.

I completely agree with you, Chris. I generally find the platform to be very user-friendly (almost more so in the past), but these features are quite frustrating.

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idk what you talking about when i click the liting tab it has a (green) BOX NEXT TO IT an it donesnt work

Send a PM with your phone number I will show you how to do it or contact Peerspace directly.