Editing Photos of My Listing

I am trying to put my photos in order of how the house flows. But every time I move one photo is swaps it with another. I just want them organized by room. Is there any easy way to do this???

Unfortunately sequencing your photos is a painful process, and we have mentioned to Peerspace. I would make sure you have all photos uploaded, and write down the order you would like. Then drag each into place, starting with photo #1.

Thanks Brad. I’ve tried that - but it then will swap the places with the photo you are dragging to that spot. Unfortunately - it doesn’t let you just move them around. You have to swap positions only and then nothing is ever where you want it. Really frustrating for host and renter!!

Once you move a photo to the first position, it should stay. Then move a photo to #2 and it will stay. You just have to place them in order from the beginning. So it’s important to note the desired order before you start organizing.

Yes, very frustrating when you later want to add a photo in the middle. You place it, and then have to redo all the photos that follow. I need to seriously rework my photos, but not looking forward to it.

How do I add photos to my existing listing? Going to my listing and clicking on edit just brings up the same categories – address, parking, and etc. I can’t get back to that original drag and drop or upload photo section

@Masha_G they recently changed the layout. You need to click on Listings. Then click on Edit next to the category for that listing (Meetings, Media Productions, Events). Then click on Edit next to Photos.