Peerspace blows up my phone


Whenever I get a message on Peerspace, the text message feature divides the message up into tiny segments, and sends them all to my phone at once, rapid-fire. One message is sufficient, especially since they come early in the morning.

What a thing to be woken up to! :frowning:


I am on an iPhone, and I don’t think I have had that happen. Perhaps you could turn on the Peerspace app notifications, and turn off the text messages?


I have the iphone 6. I would get the app but I’m always struggling to free up space on my phone. :slight_smile:


I’m still rocking the 6 as well, was just laughing with my friend about that. I realized I had bunch of podcasts I could delete. Also deleting text attachments and emojis can help as well. I wonder why your Peerspace text messages are getting split into pieces, strange.


This happens to me too. Getting 6-7 text messages per inquiry can be a lot.


This week I got 12 messages from one inquiry, my phone went berserk. Now Siri isn’t working. Ha ha.