Peerspace App (iPhone)

I’ve searched for other topics about this but didn’t find much.

But does the iOS Peerspace app glitch for everyone else too?
There’s always something wrong, since the update our calendar is completely incorrect: not showing which days are booked (when viewing the whole month) it’s just empty, or shows just 1-3 bookings when we have about 30. So I have to always open up each date to see when the bookings are and even then it glitches sometimes and hides info!

I patiently waited a few months hoping the bigs would be fixed but this is slightly frustrating

Hi @Smac_M, we recently released an update to the calendar on iOS so it’s possible we introduced this bug. Thank you for reporting this issue we’ll take a look and get back to you.

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Thanks Rony!

It’s been glitching since the update came out!