Payments and reconciling


We have trouble reconciling our accounting each month when payments are lumped together. Also when overtime is added separately it is not reflected in the completed booking total. This makes it hard to match overtime to the booking. The only way to do it now is by sifting through messages to find the overtime. Could the overtime money be added to the booking total once it comes in?


Hi Oktay,

Keep in mind the day you turn in your overtime may be later than the day they schedule the payment for the initial booking. I think Peerspace is working on getting the payment system to be a bit friendlier for the hosts.


Hi Oktay,

I too have trouble reconcilling payments with overtime and overages. I’m open to brainstorming what might work better. I think it might be cool to have a payment page on the host side of the platform.


Thank you for the feed back


I have been using Peerspace as my “agent” for my Video Soundstage and Meeting Event Space in San Francisco since its launch. Hosting my first PS event on April 26, 2014 with another 150+ PS rentals following since that time. Having experience with this many jobs plus twelve years of my own direct client rentals I can tell you that the accounting, actualization and reconciliation support provided by PS Accounts Payable needs to be improved.

A few things that could help include:

    • Job Numbers

Job numbers should follow a specific rental from inquiry through to the final bank deposit. This would permit hosts to see deposits (online or via bank statements) attributed to specific jobs; as well as assist hosts with communications (such as needing to follow up with job specific issues, requests, questions, etc.).

Also, this could help hosts track jobs and find jobs in the PS system rather than having to scroll through page after page of completed rentals when needing to refer back to a job that happened a year before (i.e. when the client wants to book again and the host needs to reference the old job to refresh project scope details).

It really is unprofessional to refer to a job only as Brittany K. from start to finish in our bookkeeping systems. Sometimes the Guest does not have a company affiliation or last name, or event name, or anything more established attached to the rental. A Job number would help fix this.

Sometimes clients will start an Inquiry and then create a second account to continue the Inquiry because for whatever reason cannot find their original account credentials or whatever. Then the client starts communicating with hosts using BOTH accounts over the course of communicating Booking details. With a unique account number attached, everyone can see fairly early on that there are two different communications streams going on and request PS to correct the issue before a job actually Books. There is nothing worse than finding out downstream that the client has two accounts and that this is the reason some information is missing or wires have been crossed.

Sometimes, there are two different accounts with two different Guest names for the same rental job. This happens because Guests want to handoff the Booking duties to another person in the company and the PS system still doesn’t play well with multiple participants on the same job. Again, if there was a job number to refer to, maybe the two accounts could be combine or at least the Hosts can make note of the two job numbers as being for the same rental.

    • One Job, One Payment (aka Don’t combine different Job Monies unless you are attributing those monies to specific job numbers.)

I host multiple rentals per week and regularly have several ‘Add-Ons’ such as Overtime, Third Party Vendor Services, In-house Services (Reserved Parking, Beverage Services, Additional Equipment, etc.) as well as occasionally In-house Staff (when clients need an extra set of hands); not to mention the per rental day Cleaning Fee and the occasional damage reimbursement.

Unfortunately, PS Accounts Payable remunerates each of these amounts at different times and then combines the payments WITH OTHER JOBS! For those of us who are hosting lots of jobs, this creates a total accounting mess. If PS cannot keep all the payments from one specific job conjoined for the deposit, then at the very least, I would much rather have 8-10 separate little payments each week for the exact amount of that exact little piece of the job; rather than two big “Mash-ups” twice a week pointing in a dozen directions and crossing over several jobs. Please fix this PS!!

    • Change the 72-hour time limit for ‘Add-On’ payment submissions

72-hours is not enough time for Hosts to submit ‘Add-On’ payment requests. Damages can take several days to get quotes and take even longer to schedule and execute the repair. Also, more time is needed to sort through the accounting “Mash-ups” which creates a lag in getting other accounting duties completed; and sometimes things just fall through the cracks and Hosts need more time to realize the oversight in order to make the request.

    • Payment Initiation Notices

If Peerspace is going to email me four (4) or five (5) or ten (10) different Host Payment Initiation Notices in the week (one for the Booking, one for the Overtime, one for the Host Services [in my case Reserved Parking] and one for the Cleaning Fee, or Damage, etc.) then I expect to see four (4) or five (5) or ten (10) separate deposits in my account (not two Mash-ups). Please fix this PS!!

Yes, I get that Peerspace is a startup, but there are some very basic expectations in the business world and now that PS is growing up maybe they need to focus on fixing the basics.