Payment Delays for Multi Day Booking

I recently had a multi day booking. As is stands, my payment will not be issued until days after the final day of their shoot. For a booking lasting a week or more, I’m sure you understand how that payment delay in seemingly unfair and unnecessary.

In my case, the guest booked 4+ weeks in advance and since Peerspace holds on to the funds for that entire period, it would be helpful if the funds were disbursed for each day and not a lump sum for an entire booking. Yes, each day will have it’s own payment but the host will get paid sooner. Fair no?

Hi @Chanae_R,

Typically multi-day bookings are paid the last day they complete the booking. This is a normal business practice for the industry.

Future bookings are held because if they pay you for the booking and the customer cancels and they need will need to charge you the booking fee. It is to your benefit trust me on this one. I had another company send the funds to my account and the client canceled. I had to pay Stripe’s merchant fees, so I lost money on that booking.

Hi @Chanae_R,

A tip for multi-day bookings is to have the guest send a separate request for each of the days if you have a week-long booking or a weekly request if you have a month-long booking so that you get a payout sent after each booking. Payouts are automatically sent out 72 hours after the booking has completed.



Hi @Eli_P. Thanks for your response. A correction…this is not normal business practice in the industry but is a part of booking through this platform. As a production designer, I’ve benefited from working with networks and other production companies before Peerspace started. These companies provide both COI’s and payment before the shoot occurs. So while I understand your desire to want to help with a response, I think Lawrence’s response below is more accurate as it relates to bookings through this platform. Trust me on this one.