My space is not on the listings

I posted my space one week ago. I got approved. I cant find my space on the list neither on the map. Does anyone have any idea what’s going on? Thanks.

I’m having the same issue. I just posted about it today. If I find a solution I’ll let you know

Hi all - thanks for pointing this out. This is a bug in our system and the team is currently working on a fix. We’ll let you know when it’s been resolved.


Thank you for your quick response

Thank you. Same to you, If I find out what it’s going on I’ll let you know.

hey Rego_R, I see your event listing on the list now. I think it’s fixed now. Mine showed up as well.

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I had a situation when my personal calendar was linked to my listings availability and it gave the appearance that my space wasn’t available because my personal appointments were showing on my listings availability. With all that being said, you may want to check to see if your personal calendar is linked to your listing availability and blocking days or time.

Can you please check out our spaces - Savoy Dr. Houston TX (Office In America)? I browsed meeting spaces but my listings did not show up.